Modded Information

The Modded Server is currently in beta! While we will make an attempt to keep the world going into release, it is not guaranteed. There might also be bugs.
Click here to Download the Beta Pack!

Installing The Mod Pack
First: Visit the Vivecraft Download Page and download the VR or Non VR Installer. (Mc 1.12.20 (Forge =
Second: Run the Installer, ENSURE atleast 6gb of ram is allocated, and ENSURE you install vivecraft with Forge! You can rename the profile if you choose.
Thrid: Follow the onscreen options to install vivecraft
Foruth: Navigate to your .minecraft folder in %appdata%
Fifth: Extract the contents of the Nornia above into the root of .minecraft (AKA the mods, config, script folders needs to be placed into .minecraft)
Sixth: Launch minecraft, and select the profile you just made.
Seveth: Login to, It may allready be in the server list.

Note: The modpack ZIP contains a servers.dat file, you can choose to ingore it, if you allready have an existing one. In addition, I want to make it clear that we will have an installer in the future, and there are other ways to install the modpack: IE MultiMC, and the twitch client. You are on your own if you wish to install it that way. The above zip, contains mod jars, configs, and scripts.

Below is a spreedsheet encompassing the current mod list, if you wished to build the pack yourself.