Welcome to Nornia!

Nornia is a Vanilla server, that was launched early January 2017. Since then it has arguably been the most sucessful server that focuses on Vivecraft players and their friends!
As of January 2022, there has been over 100,000 unique visitors between all our wipes!

Our Goal!

We strive to provide a fair, yet fun minecraft experience. Our goal is to support both VR and Non-VR players, as we understand people like to be able to play with their VR friends and vise versa.

Server Info

IP: nornia.net
Direct IP:

Special Thanks to Techjar!

for providing a home for Nornia to live!
We do not take donations, because we have no hosting cost to cover. We maintain the server per personal enjoyment.
If you wish to contribute, please put that money towards the vinecraft project, or boost the server discord!